Which Ever Comes First

Original piece by Grabbety Covens “Surviving The Struggle to Success” – Love lost – Perseverance, a wonderful piece.

Surviving the Struggle to Success.

My sins are all I have left,

I won’t be giving them up for forgiveness,

some unholy theft,

I have no need to be blessed…

their pain is all I have anymore,

the only thing I can hold on to,

reminders of the life I lived before,

in this life I live without you…

they’re not what I want,

but they’re what I’ve got,

they and my memories haunt,

filling my every thought,

with familiar miseries,

and I long for more,

it’s not a mystery,

I’m just a whore,

but only for you,

but you’re gone,

and I don’t know what to do,

because I just can’t move on,


I’ll stay in hell with my sins,

watching you fly above,

until eternity ends,

or this god forbidden love…

which ever comes first

© 2018 Grabbety Covens

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

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