~Seek and You Shall Find~

Daily Prompt: Premonition


THE 4 TYPES OF PSYCHIC DREAMS! The Shaman's Well.  There are four types of psychic dreams: precognitive, telepathic, clairvoyant dreams, and psychic spy dream.  Some individuals have the uncanny ability to enter the psychic field of friends, acquaintances or neighbors and to dream about the intimate details of their lives.

I feel that tingling sensation

up and down my spine;

The funny feeling

circling within my mind.

I quite can’t put my finger on it;

Is it a friendly spirit?

Or, the haunting of an evil one,

that lurks only when the sun is gone…

I do not wish for damnation,

yet,Β this feeling of a strong premonition is

jerking on my concentration.

Will it harm us I ask?

Will this feeling answer at last?

I wish I had a crystal ball to

tell me every bit of it all…

Until then;

I hope this feeling comes to an end.



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