Original piece by “Revenge of Eve” – Tremendous!!!

Photo of Person Holding Bouquet of Red Carnations


There had never only been



She began feeling free.




Whose counting?

Fun and flirty, sleazy and dirty.


Off balanced and low budget.

Intoxication creeps in.

She tip her cup.

Staggering and slurring.

Demanding and demeaning.

They should’ve seen it coming.


After shot.

She isn’t feeling so hot.


don’t dare tell her to not!

Blacked out, she begins to shout!

Next round, double,

she down.

Sloppy she sways.

She’s gone on this way for days.

To the bathroom she goes.

Forty dollars up her nose.

Night turns to day.

In the beginning it is all play,

until one day.

Habits turn into survival.

She hide.

Full of pride.

Praying the convulsions will subside.

Unhealthy and unstable.

Slowly she become unable.

Unable to cope without her dope.

Losing sight of hope.

In agony she drown.

She succumb.

Defeated and weary.

Surrending her…

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