Neverending Bottom 🍷

Nice one~ Just a perfect one to drink poison from :3

Note: I was inspired by a piece “Revenge of Eve” had written earlier that I reblogged today.  Alcohol nearly kills every day, don’t let it happen to you.  Please check out Revenge of Eve at (



Goblets full of lies

I choked,

survival nearly


Spiral downwards

where there’s no hope;

Silence was my only friend,

secrets of morbid sins,

hidden from kin.

Down another to sleep,

no counting sheep,

before the shakes

would begin to creep;

Pass out and repeat.



[Picture by Pinterest]




  1. Thank you Beckie for referencing me. Alcoholism runs rampid without acknowledgment. It is a deadly disease. Awareness matters.
    Your poem is so true to the effects of alcoholism.

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