Three Stupid Words

Original piece by Nandita Yata of “Tangle of Weeds” – I get so lost in her poetry. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

A Tangle of Weeds

I place in your hands
my broken heart
with jagged shards of my truth
dangling from it

I know you have the power
to break it further and
to turn me into your biggest lie

But I have faith
that you will keep it safe
that you will treasure me like
your most precious secret
Because I am not a trophy for display
that you won in a battle
of your heart against your mind
I am the most guarded treasure
you excavated along your journey
into your self

And this
is my way
of saying to you
the three stupid words
that change everything
by attaching expectations
to it

©Nandita Manan Yata

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