~*~ February 26, 2018: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts ~*~ 🤔

Humming bird in the rain


Birds sing after a  storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free

to delight in whatever remains to them?

~Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy~


Life is what we make of it, what we choose.

You may choose sadness, anger, resentment…  I myself, choose happiness!  🙂

~Beckie Culter~




[Source: Each Day a New Begining – Karen Casey – Hazelden Meditation]

[Picture provided by Pinterest]


      • I’ve never had a hummer feeder, but my neighbor had them all over in her back and front yard. She had COPD and was tethered to an oxygen machine 100% of the time. The last few years of her life, she rarely got out of the house, so she put shepherd’s hooks in front of the living room window where she sat the most and would watch them going to the nectar feeders. She had them in the backyard around her deck s well. Her yard was like a hummingbird magnet. I sent her this link and she used to watch it in the Winter. It is one link and you can see three different hummingbird’s activities. The top one at this link is a nest and she is sitting on it … right now anyway.


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      • I had birdfeeders for years and had to get rid of them as new neighbors moved in and they had a pit bull and left him out 24/7 and fed him table scraps … we got rats shortly after they moved in, my neighbor next door (with the hummers) and our house too. I used to spend hours out in the yard making it look nice, but not after the rats. They are still there – I saw the tracks in the yard … I also lost most of my perennials during the Polar Vortex so the butterflies are gone too. Bummer. I never replaced anything as I started the walking regimen, now I just close my eyes when I go out back. 🙂


      • It has never been the same since the first sighting in 2008. Going out in the yard is not a pleasure, so I am glad my neighbor has been cutting my lawn/whipping, etc. for both houses and I do the snow shoveling for both houses … easier to spot a critter in the snow than the grass. We had a service on top of it, then had a few dead ones in the yard … and I had four bird baths, had to get rid of feeders and bird baths due to the rats. I had tons of birds coming daily – taking pictures … like a mini paradise. No more. The roses and clematis don’t get the TLC I once gave them.

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      • We did, but they said they couldn’t do anything about it, so we got a pest control service instead – they came around and put this industrial-strength bait into the bait boxes. I don’t like seeing the tracks in the background – you see these star-shaped footprints and a ridge where the tail drags behind them. We complained to the police that the dog wast out 24/7 and howled all night and they gave them a warning, so it stopped for a while. Then they had a baby and got rid of the dog, but the rats were still there – they only (supposedly) come out at night and my neighbor sees them as he sits outside in the dark – I would not sit outside in the dark for anything and I don’t have to leave or come home in the dark since I work from home and I’d be scared to because when we had the snow earlier this month- we had snow every day for a week – every day fresh tracks – they walk along the side of the house or along a fence line … that is what rats do, a trait of theirs. I spend as little time as possible in the backyard … I do know when Jeff mows the lawn in his/my yard, he does NOT see them during the day … that’s a little relief anyway.

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