~*~ Come With Me… ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Imagination

Dream Big by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo #society6. Love the whimsy of this print and the colors. :3 #casasugar


Imagination floats on a minds wings of creation

soaring, reaching, stretching outward to new destinations.

touching one’s soul on an emotional plane…

Expanding distant lands of rolling hills, valleys,

and snow covered mountain tops;

Cascading down snowy cliffs,

swiftly taking flight above clouds towering above.

Imagination, coming to one’s salvation

in times of utter need…

Planting seeds on Gods green earth,

cultivating the tree of life.

Once soaring high, now rest on outward branches;

Extending over blue lagoons that reach to 

oceans rolling tide.

Imagination, to be whomever you dreamt to be,

A sea captain to harpoon a whale on rough seas…

A ballerina to pirouette in the Grand Ballet,

A time traveler to visit the future in spaceships to

other galaxies far off a trillion light years away.

Imagination, what a magnificent sensation,

to be anywhere, anyone…

By simply dreaming.



[Picture provided by Pinterest]










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