Let’s stand up to bullying

Original post by “Topics With Passion” Strong piece about bullying. A must read.

Topics with Passion

Children want to feel safe at school. Everyone deserves to be safe and respected.

Bullying is never okay and it happens far too often. Many people allow themselves and decide to belittle, denigrate and ridicule others, which causes enormous damage to the victims of this verbal and/or physical bullying.

The consequences of such acts and remarks are horrendous and seriously affect the self-confidence, well-being and living conditions of the victims.

Violence, whether orally propagated or not, should never be trivialized and tolerated. Unfortunately, this is often the case in society, in schools and workplaces, among others, and marginalized people are more vulnerable to this bullying.

We all have a role to play in these vicious circles that are taking place around us in different environments. To witness these behaviours without reacting when we are not ourselves victims places us as complicit in this violence. We must intervene to educate as many…

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  1. This post struck a chord with me. I was bullied & teased almost relentlessly during my years at school, in fact, I even pleaded with my parents to allow me to leave school and find employment, it was that bad. I can comfortably say the incessant torment I received at school and occasionally by others shaped my life and who I am today.
    I can also say that had a weapon been at my disposal when things were really tough, there definitely would’ve been a shooting massacre, in Australia, during the 1980’s, such was my mindset and level of vulnerability.

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  2. Hi!!!
    i’m teen girl and i was just wondering if i could ask you something important. My cousin is currently being bullied. It has been on going like on and off. It has occured on social media’s, on her private messages and people have been texting of what little friends she has and saying things like “have you gotten rid of her yet? so i can hang out with you?” i was hoping you could maybe give me a few tips and tricks to help her deal with this issue.
    Oh and i really liked this post of your and i thought it was really interesting and moving.
    Thanks again,
    Teen girl

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    • Hello, Teen girl. Your cousin should notify all powers that be. School, counselor, principal, parents, authorities. There are also support groups that can assist your cousin. All the text messages, and or messages on social media should be saved as proof of said harassment, to provide authorities.
      I hope this helps.

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