~*~ February 25, 2018: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts ~*~ 🤔

I love crafty things, but I’m not a very creative gift wrapper. I always go for simple. And what can get simpler than presents wrapped with brown paper and painted on black string?! I paint the crissc

The universal human yearning [is] for something permanent,

enduring, without a shadow of change.

~Willa Cather~


I’m sure there are many of us that crave to be back in a time where life was, well… Perfect.  The fact of the matter is, just like the earth moves, so does our lives.  We live, we learn, we meet people coming and going out of our existence.  

Life is a bunch of presents waiting to be unwrapped, and most of them have some change to be welcomed.  Experience the change because maybe that will be the new “perfect” that life has in store for you.

~Beckie Cutler~



[Source: Each Day a New Beginning – Karen Casey – Hazelden Meditation]

[Picture provided by Pinterest]



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