~*~ 24 Hours: Back to The Emergency Room We Go ♿️

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Good morning my friends, hope all of you are well.  What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?  It is raining 🐱’s and 🐶’s here in New Jersey Land.  ☔️ Rain doesn’t usually bother me, but it being a constant over the last four days has gotten to me.  Haven’t seen the sun since that unusual day of it hitting 80 degrees last week.  What a tease that was.

I wasn’t on WordPress much yesterday, because yesterday was in a word…  “Awful”  My roommate “JK” needed to go back to the hospital for the umpteenth time because when they removed the pic line from her arm back on the 16th, a blood clot formed.  This poor woman is going to have a nervous breakdown if her medical issues don’t cease soon.  

My roommate suffers from social anxiety, and anxiety in general (Very badly I might add).  Yesterday, sent her over the brink.  Thank God, the staff listened to our request of administrating Xanax to calm her down before she hyperventilated.  As soon as we learned that they were going to keep her overnight for observation, I ran home to collect her robe, PJ’s, her phone charger, and list of medications.  Then ran back to sit with her for a little while longer before it got dark outside.  (I can’t drive at night, due to night blindness).  At least her sister arrived soon after I left.  Plus my roommate got a room fairly quickly, which was great.  Sitting in the emergency room all day was not exactly a calming atmosphere.

By the time I arrived home, and after I walked the dog (Out in the rain, of course), I was literally exhausted.  The last thing I wanted to do was write that stupid piece by the Daily PostPrompt-Astral.  My brain was toast, and I hit publish when I really should have just held back.  LOL!  

I ended up reading for a smidgen of time, ate some dinner, turned off the laptop, and took out my mandala to decompress.  I may have worked on it for an hour and a half, then put all that away.  It was then that I realized my anxiety was a bit up there.  So, I took a nice hot shower, took my meds, and laid in bed by 10pm to watch Netflix “West Wing” episodes.  I may have watched an hour, and out cold I went.

So, while I catch up on laundry and cleaning this morning (Plus writing and reading in between), I await any news of what is happening with my roommate.  “Again.”  I truly hope and pray they figure out what to do with her this time, in order for her to come home once and for all.  The poor thing can’t take much more poking and prodding, plus for the mere fact, her nerves are shot to ever-lovin’ shit. 💩

Okay, so that concludes the last 24 hours in the day and life of me.  LOL!  

I truly hope you had a better weekend then me.  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,


Never take anything for granted…



[Picture provided by Unsplash.com – Alex Holyoake]



  1. Hey Beckie, I wondered if you have any advice on therapy/ cbt. I have never seeked psychological assistance in life and when I’ve considered it, I have thought it may not be beneficial, waste of money and I won’t be understood. Have you had therapy before and has it helped you?

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