I am Okay…

A message from Sue at “My Loud Bipolar Whisper” She is OKAY!!!! 🙂

My Loud Whispers of Hope

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I am so sorry I scared everyone. I am in the psychiatric hospital in Rochester, Minnesota right now. I only get half an hour a day on the computer, so I will try to write as much and as well as I can in that little bit of time.

I think it was about a week ago now, when I took about 130 pills or more of Klonipin, Ambien and Depakote which I thought was a lethal amount. Unfortunately, I truly did want to end my life at that time. I was ready to die.

I prayed to God. He told me it was okay and that it was my time. I had suffered enough on earth. That was what I thought in my mind he was telling me, anyway. I asked God to give a sign, any sign to stay alive and I did not see any. I knew it was my time to die…

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