Cleanse the Contents of the Heart

The original piece was written by Anna Daksina of “Timeless Classics” I hope you enjoy it too, or that it touches you in the way it touches me.

Timeless Classics

You wish to bring your tongue under control:
It’s no use monitoring what you say
You’ll only tie yourself in mental knots
Approaching such a challenge in that way

Your tongue, your mannerisms, everything
In conversational delivery
Will but reflect upon its subject that
Which genuinely you feel, think and see

Continue to perceive the negative
(Embroidered past belief) exclusively
Heavy embroidered negativity
Is what your life continue will to see

Oh, point me not to money, point me not
To cavernous interior or car
Societal condonation, rather
Point to your need for perpetual war

Unceasing denigration in your wit
No matter what for it the subject choose
A constant calculation of the mind
Whether by any moment win or lose

Were you a modicum of good control
To bring your wild unruly thoughts within
You would discover in and of itself
The tongue reflect your truer Self begin


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