~*~ Here’s to Friendship ~*~

Do you have any best friends who are fans of Green Mountain Coffee too? #coffee #friends #share #bestfriend #cheers

My friend has returned

Seven long weeks, no coffee

time.  Back to normal. ☕️


deep conversation

to be held once again. ☕️


[Picture provided by Pinterest]




      • That’s what we had beginning of the week, it was dry yesterday so I went on some errands and this morning it is raining again – supposed to be freezing rain. Sigh. You can stay indoors and catch up on happenings for the past 7 weeks with your friend.

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      • Sounds like a plan – sometimes it is nice to just chill out and hunker down at home and relax. I am, despite the walking, really a homebody and have always been like that, especially when I worked on site … I was just glad for the workday or workweek to be over and stay home, in my sweats or shorts and a tee-shirt, no contact lenses, no makeup … kind of like I look now 99% of the time. 😉

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      • Glad to hear she is back and sorry for your friend’s ordeal … medical, emotional, physical or otherwise … some things take a lot out of us and it is good to have a friend to commiserate and help make us whole again.

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      • Good deal – walking is good activity that is not harsh on your bones like running for example … it is one of the only exercises that can only help you, not damage you. I have a few acquaintenaces who played tennis their entire life — knee issues, one just had a knee replacement (not Cheryl … another one) and the other one has a knee brace when he plays. Running puts stress on every joint as you hit the pavement … we can’t all run on a sandy beach where it is soft. And it has good cardiovascular benefits as well.

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