~*~ February 22, 2018: Last Night & Today’s Plans ~*~

Good morning my friends, and how are you today.  Happy Friday Eve to you All!  Does anyone have any plans this weekend other than sitting at home counting tiles on the kitchen floor?  LOL!  🙂   

I don’t think I have plans as of yet.  It all depends on my roommate “JK” returning home, for which I will be so happy.  It has been a truly scary time for her and a very odd time for me.  Her surgery was back on 01/05/2018 and since then I was watching and taking care of all the pets.  Last week though, her sister picked up my roommate’s dog to bring her over to her house to play with her dog, and keep “JK” happy and preoccupied post surgery.  The odd part is that it’s been so beyond quiet in the house, I’ve become stir crazed.  Of course, I still have my talkative parrot, “Peanut”, but it just feels like a long void.  I’m hoping I get good news today, and that they both will be returning home this weekend.  At least that is what I’m praying for. 🙏

Last evening I began working on coloring the following mandala I had stored away in my closet for a rainy day, and guess what… It’s coming down at a pretty good clip and will continue to do so for the next three or four days. Blah!  Anyway, This will keep me pretty busy because of all the detail work, but I love working on them.  The best part overall was that I turned on meditation music I haven’t heard before, and it made my night very pleasant and relaxing.  I was ready for bed by 11pm. 💗

Of course, I never fall asleep that easily, so I turned on Netflix and started scoping out what to watch.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but happened across a documentary called “Not Alone” 📽 🎞

Not Alone Poster Based on a student Jacqueline Monetta, 18 who seeks to understand teenage suicide after her own best friend committed suicide at age 16.  She interviews other students that volunteered to be interviewed about depression/anxiety and suicidal ideation.  Obviously, this is not an easy subject matter to watch, but I highly recommend this if you have the means to pull it up on your Netflix site.  I’m not going to give it away but were moments when I acquired a better understanding of depression and the abyss that sucks us down.  Again, this was a very good documentary, one of which I think you can gain from.  📽 🎞

So, we went from 80 degrees and sunny yesterday, back to February like weather dropping back down to the 40’s.  Bummer!  That was a cruel little tease by Mother Nature herself.  A cruel sense of humor… 🌧 ☔️

Josephine Wall Fantasy Art | Josephine Wall Art | Fantasy, Faeries, Crones & Things

Let’s see, what does today have in store for me?  I’ll continue working on my mandala, and listen to meditation music for concentration and relaxation.  I’ll obviously, be here reading on/off throughout the day like normal, and I want to continue working on the afghan (blanket) I’ve been working on for a month.  Make some Chai tea, and have a self-care kind of day. 

Hope that all of you have a great Thursday, and have a chance to check out the documentary and/or just relax a bit too.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie  💗



[Pictures provided by Pinterest & me. 🙂 ]


  1. This Mandala looks too detailed. No wonder it’s going to keep you occupied. But I will wait for you to post once you complete coloring it. 😊
    And thank you for “Not alone”. I am definitely watching this. ❤️

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  2. I hope they return home this weekend and you get good news too!

    I love things relating to coloring, it’s so relaxing. I have a few coloring books right now that I color in, but need to get more projects. I also need to get coloring pencils so it is easier to color in my adult coloring book. Right now all I have is crayons and with thin lines etc it can be quite challenging, especially when you run the crayon down. Lol. It is a collection I plan on adding too. 🙂

    I will have to definitely check out that documentary. This may be a small coincidence but yesterday afternoon I watched a movie on netflix where the plot was based on a young female adult who’s boyfriend committed suicide. It was kinda strange though as the mom of the son who committed suicide was completely nuts. I am unsure if it is worth recommending, but it was an interesting watch. It’s called Paint It Black. I believe it was based on a book originally. It showed up on my recently added list on netflix and I was not entirely disappointed. It had a different feel to it too, I appreciate movies that attempt uniqueness.

    Music is very relaxing and I hope you have a very relaxing day! 🙂 ❤


    • I use both the coloring pencils, sharpie markers, and Crayola super tip markers. I like blending and smudging colors … It’s a neat effect.
      I really recommend the doc, because of it’s sensitive nature, but bringing attention to what teenagers really struggle with. Some that have PTSD from when they were small children even.
      I hope you have a great day too. My roommate & dog have returned, and I couldn’t be more happier. 🙂

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      • Nice! I love the tip markers too. I moved to the states last June and a lot of my stuff like coloring, notebooks, scrap booking etc is still back in Canada. So I either have to wait to go back and get my stuff when the hubby and I can or buy more stuff. I am really excited to get all my stuff back though. xD

        Yes, it is a sensitive topic and nature, but an important one that I wish was discussed more etc. Yes ptsd and traumatic events in childhood can often lead to mental illness etc later in life. The results are quite shocking actually. We need to ask more of what happened than why do you feel this way now.

        I am so happy to hear your roommate and dog returned home! 🙂

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      • Thank you. I’m thrilled that they are back! 🙂
        Are you able to order the coloring books online? THat’s what I did with a lot of the ones I have.
        I’m a work in progress when it pertains to my mental illness. I just try to work with coping tools daily. Like the coloring and meditation. 🙂

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      • No no, I have the coloring books with me. I do want to buy more though and would consider ordering online. If I can fix my printer (more like it’s a brand new printer, I am having issues with my computer. LONG STORY. lol so more like if I can figure out what is going on with my computer) and get my printer working I think you can also print freebie coloring stencils and stuff. Something I want to really look into, but not entirely sure about it all. lol. It is the coloring crayons markers etc I have a bunch of them, but they are all back home. So I will probably buy some cheap coloring utensil stuff for now.
        Yes I hear yeah on the work in progress, same here! Coloring is one thing I find that really helps me. My number one coping mechanism for me though is always music. But music goes with everything, even coloring. xD I am glad you have found a few methods that work for you.


  3. Will try and watch that movie. Have read so many books about suicide. Read “Ray of Darkness” by Rowan Williams. Loved that book. Not sure I will ever fully understand, even having these thoughts myself, as long as i can remember. I walk the “Out of the Darkness” with fellow suicide survivors as often as i can. That is healing. The 18 mile push to make it through and then falling asleep, exhausted. This year is Philadelphia June 16. Something to train and look forward to. 🕊🎶🎶

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