A Poetic Dialogue between Souls (A Cosmic Collaboration Part 1)

Another amazing piece from someone that deserves an applause. Nandita of “Tangle of Weeds” 🙂

A Tangle of Weeds

Would it satisfy your poetic soul
if I told you your words make me whole?
Love me not in bits, love me whole
Give me your words, satisfy my hungry soul

If I told you, you are my only poet
would you pledge your words to me?
would your pen bleed with my blood
if I said, it’s only your blood I see?

Here is my pen but why fill it with blood?
rather let me write with liquid joy from your heart,
For my passions will make your sadness glow
in delight and let your frozen love thaw
like the solid rivers melt in the Spring,
Come, we shall make love in our wildest dreams!

If I told you I have made love to you a thousand times
in dreams while the moon and the stars sang in delight
and that our souls had embraced before we met

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