Chinese Medicine and Depression

Please read the following entry by Amanda Johnson “Stick Out Your Tongue”, very informative information on how to beat depression, and other mental disorders by changing diet, etc…

Stick Out Your Tongue

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In a previous post, we covered the bigger picture of depression, including a number of factors that may contribute to depression. In this post, we’ll look at how Chinese Medicine views depression; including common symptoms and suggestions for each primary pattern.

Of course, every individual’s presentation is different and acupuncture and herbal therapies are customized accordingly by your practitioner. Furthermore, there are almost always multiple patterns involved that influence the entire picture of one’s health. The following patterns are broad stroke pictures of how depression can manifest. Included with each pattern are helpful tips and strategies to utilize if you or someone you know experiences depression.

General Etiology

Prolonged emotional factors such as internalized anger, anxiety, rumination and grief can obstruct the proper flow of qi (the motive force of the body). Since all systems of the body depend on the smooth flow of qi, stagnation of it over a…

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