💃To Dance With The Devil 😈

"My dear Havoc, why do you taunt me?" Lucifer asked, looking deep into the Nightmare's eyes.  "I do not taunt anyone. I merely show them the truth and conceal it once again, until they are willing to accept the inevitable." "And what would that be?" The devil replied, his lips near Havoc's neck.  "... Death." She whispered.

He played his games

leaving blisters of shame,

pushing me over the brink

as he poured my next drink.

The devil cared of nothing more than his coition,

no matter what my drunken condition.

He seemed more ecstatic and buoyant

when I’d be filled with annoyance,

he would pour me his elixir…

“I know that’ll fix her.”

Then one day the devil turned on his toy,

he prepared for her to be destroyed.

She was much too strong to keep falling down…

Which The devil himself was left only to frown.

No longer will I dance with the devil in red,

For I am not to live that kind of evil,

I’d rather not feel that dread.



[Picture provided by Pinterest]



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