~*~ You Can Rely On Me ~*~

She was not fragile like a flower; she was fragile like a bomb.

We may pride ourselves on being spontaneous;

A fly by the seat, spur of the moment…

Thrill-seeking when no one’s peeking.

Let’s resolve to sit back a few

and think a while…

Why not find out what we really want

during these times of high intensity?

Or do we just enjoy pure immensity?

Finding the pleasure of self-discovery

hidden in a world of constant recovery.

Sit back for a whirlwind of a ride,

know it’s me you can confide.




[Picture provided by Pinterest]


16 thoughts on “~*~ You Can Rely On Me ~*~

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      1. I didn’t sleep well last night. I am frustrated knowing, I don’t know how to help people that are in this emotional state. I’m trying to post the daily prompt, I’m almost done, but still I had to mention my frustration. Gosh, how to people deal with this. Thank you for asking.

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          1. and so many others are feeling this way. I am conversing with someone else right now, who is thinking about it. I don’t know what to do to help. I have just sent her another message. I want to keep conversing in case she starts saying she took something. I need to hear from her before I say who it is. She is talking to friends as well. Gosh, this is awful!

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                    1. OMG… This is really scary and so upsetting. You poor thing, to have to face this in two days now. I think you need to take a break.
                      I follow a blogger “imayormaynotkillmyself”… She scares me, but she is realizing that this is a good place to be supportive wise. Check her out when you catch your breath. 🙂
                      Hang in there Sweetie. 🙂

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