~*~ February 17, 2018: “Let That Shit Go!” (Part 4) 💩~*~

Hey, There Folks!  How are you on this fine Saturday afternoon? Well, if you checked in earlier to read my entry today for The Daily Post: Courage, you would have seen I needed to the supermarket to pick up seltzer.  However, there is an upcoming winter storm that the Weather Channel has put fear into the state of New Jersey, yet again… And, panic-stricken folks here had to load up on milk, bread, and eggs because the end of the world is near. 

I have to admit, I did do food shopping but not for that specific reason.  My roommate is returning home after almost two months of being in/out of the hospital.  Without getting into details, there were several complications that arose after the first initial surgery.  So, I wanted to make sure that there was nothing but healthy food in this house to make for her during her recovery at home.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the supermarket wasn’t in raid mode and the swat team wasn’t called in to help break up fights in the cheese aisle. 

Alright, then… Back to more important things. “Letting That Shit Go!” (Part 4).  

Trick #8 Breathe  Wonho - sweating and panting..  forgive us for perving..  I feel bad because they work so incredibly hard on stage.. I respect that..  but ...  Maybe not like this guy, but he’s worth looking at breathing, I’d say.  LOL!  😂 🤣

Sure, most of us with severe stress, anxiety/panic disorders have heard that breathing relieves stress, and for some people it does work.  I’ll be honest, it helped me a lot in the beginning, but not lately.  However, that doesn’t mean it won’t help you.

Breathe through your nose gently👃 for about 7 seconds, then hold your breath for 3 seconds before exhaling through your mouth.👄  After a minute or so, you should feel yourself calming down.  Remember to not start panting, and hyperventilating and passing out.  That, would not be good.


Trick #9 Expose yourself to bright colors

“Ahh, almost had you there for a moment didn’t I.  Get your minds out of the gutters will you…”  LOL!

Bright vibrant colors like yellow, orange, hot pink, and, blue are great colors to boost your mood and even make you energetic, according to some psychologist.  However, you should stay away from red.  The color is great to up the mood, but can also swing the other way by making you more stressed and anger you.  

What the color green represents...  Funny because I am always drawn to greens, blues and earthy tones to decorate with. Interesting!

Trick #10 Disconnect from social media

A 2013 study showed that Facebook could increase stress levels, – “Gee, ya think?”  (My personal view, naturally).

The next time you decide you’re going to log onto your social media site, try procrastination, and take a walk.  Or pick up a hobby, do a puzzle, anything that is not going to make your blood boil more, and cause you more stress and unneeded anxiety.  You’ll feel a lot better, this I can guarantee!  👍 

Tomorrow, I plan on sharing a couple of other tricks with you.  Some natural remedies, that might even surprise you, I know they did for me.  In the meantime, I hope you have a fantastic Saturday!  

Take care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗 



[Pictures provided by Pinterest]


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