~What it Was Like to Be a Kid~

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All, or I should say most Mother’s dream of having a little girl to dress up in pretty little dresses and hair tied in pretty little bows.  By the looks of it, she did win this one event to have me pose for the cameraman that day back in 1971.  They tried their darndest to hide the scabbed knees…  LOL!

You see, my Mom did try to keep me looking oh, so adorable, but it was an epic fail.  I was a tomboy, a rube if you would.  

At a young age, I always thought I could have been Laura Ingalls- Wilder from “Little House on The Prairie”, at least that is what I aspired to be.  I was alway’s plating in the creek’s catching tadpoles, fishing for catfish, climbing trees, and making forts.  I was always the little girl in the neighborhood that was skidding and tearing down the street on her bike, beating the boys in a race.  In other words, I was not a dainty little thing.

 Camping was and still is one of my favorite activities to do.  Nothing better than sitting around a campfire and taking in the view of the sky above you.  

I was always sucking on wild honeysuckle flowers, swinging on a tire swing, playing in the woods in the back of our house with my faithful dog “Rags.”  Life was simple and free. Whether or not I was a rube or not, making mud pies, and catching fireflies…  

No one worried back then about their children becoming victims of a horrific school shooting.  No drills to practice hiding from a wacko about to shoot up your playmates.  No news on the television of such crimes being committed day in, and day out.  

I always wonder…  What happened to society that changed over the course of time to create such monsters that would steel the lives of the innocence.

You rarely see children just be children anymore, and that to me is heartbreaking.  

I’m happy to at least have been a little rube of a girl to experience playing in the woods until the sun went down, to play on my bike all around town, to play in the park at the break of dawn.  

Today’s children live in fear, and that’s not fair at all.  Please say a prayer for the kids and their families down in Florida.  The children you have, hold them tight and remind them every day how much you love them.  Be diligent in teaching them right vs. wrong, and keep a close eye on the activities they venture into.

Take Care & God Bless,




[Pictures provided by Beckie Cutler]




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      1. Nah – I just call “my own” photos as “old photos” (like the ones I used in Sunday’s post of me in the snow when I was a kid) and at the same time commemorating the 5th anniversary of my blog old), but those ones of my parents and great-grandmother vintage. That way I don’t depress myself too much … I will be 62 in April. 🙂

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