~*~ February 16, 2018: “Let That Shit Go!”~*~ (Part 3)


Good Afternoon, Everyone!  Hope your Friday is full of good vibes, and positivity today.  Again, it’s been a rough week, Lord know’s it has.  Full of stress and anxiety, especially here in the U.S.   It’s enough to make you want to cry and scream out loud!!!

Morgana (gif) Katie's acting was so amazing in this scene. <<< It really was. I think this scene and when Merlin poisons her were two of her best moments.  Which leads me straight into our next step…

Trick #5 Just let it out!

Some of us the endure severe stress and anxiety/panic attacks are told to practice breathing techniques and for some people, this coping skill doesn’t fit one size fits all.

There are just times when you just need to let it all hang loose, and scream your bloody brains out.  Whatever pent-up emotions, fear, stress, and anxiety you may be experiencing; Psychologist say that screaming when stressed (“Primal scream therapy”) has a calming cathartic effect.  The next time you’re standing in a house full of dirty dishes, laundry piled sky high, and toys all over the place… Grab that nice fluffy pillow you lay your head upon and freak the fuck out by screaming into it.  You might feel a bit ridiculous, but you’ll feel much better releasing the tension built up over time.

Trick #6 Imagine a “Rewind or Reset Button”

This particular method is used amongst persons in the meditation circle.  Imagery and clearing your mind is such a simple concept, anyone can do it.  Close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else, allowing at least a minute or two to just vision something, or somewhere else that is pleasing to you.  This allows your body and thoughts to dissipate.  Not everyone can clear their mind that easily, but keep trying this method over again until you feel the tension flow out of your mind, and body. 


Trick #7 “Ahh Method” – Meditation

I know, I know, I bring this up quite frequently, but it works for most people.  Meditation.  It can take up to 5-10 minutes of your time and can be repeated when needed the most.  I personally enjoy “The Honest Guys” Meditation & Relaxation video’s you can find on Youtube.  My goodness, there are gazillion meditation videos to choose from.  I tend to meditate at least twice a day to unwind and visualize all at the same time.  It simply does wonders for me, and I’m sure if you are willing, it would do the same for you.

Okay, that concludes today’s “Let That Sit Go!”  Tomorrow, I will share some more Tricks up my sleeve.  I’m hoping these methods work for you in the future when you need them.

Have a wonderful Friday afternoon and a pleasant evening.

Take Care & God Bless,




[Pictures provided by Pinterest, Unsplash.com – Andressa Voltolini, and video from Youtube]



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