What it Has Meant to me to Expand The Bipolar Writer

Original post by “The Bipolar Writer” Always a good read, and supportive towards the mental health community. 🙂

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

When I started The Bipolar Writer blog it was to share my experiences with my diagnosis. I have written so many articles on suicide, Bipolar depression, social anxiety, and anything related to my mental illness. It’s been a crazy the ride that I have been on for the past almost six months now.

Every month I seem to find new ways to change the complexity of my blog. I wanted to tell my story first, and for the most part, I have done that so far on my blog. I continue to share my experiences as they unfold each day and every week. I am always amazed by the responses that I get each day.

It has been amazing the level of confidence people have in my writing. I have told so many stories in the mental illness community. I will continue to do so with my feature interview articles…

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