Depression: A complex condition worth looking at the big picture

Original piece by Lindsey Thompson “Stick Out Your Tongue” – An alternative way of handling depression. I found this very interesting, and a must share. 🙂

Stick Out Your Tongue

Sad woman silhouette worried on the beach

The experience of depression is a complicated and highly individualized experience. Over the years, I’ve seen a number of articles (both research and non-research), blog posts, and opinion pieces on the main solution to or cause of depression. Most of these articles and research pieces capture one piece of the puzzle, but inadequately address the complex approach to managing depression. It can feel demoralizing or even angering to see articles that simplify the experience of depression into a tiny box with a simple solution. I’d like to do my best to attempt to sum up the bigger picture. I also realize that I may not be able to capture everyone’s experience and the tools that it often takes to truly manage and overcome depression.

First of all, in East Asian medicine, depression arises from a wide variety of patterns. We can often identify the patterns by feeling a patient’s pulse…

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