February 13, 2018: Let That Shit Go! 🤯

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Good Morning, my friends…  How are you today?  I’m alright, well, not really.  I’m back in that funk state of mind, that is somehow taking over my emotions in a way where I didn’t even know how to describe them to my own therapist yesterday.  In fact, I felt like an idiot yesterday trying to convey all that is in my mixed up head.

I’m not angry, I’m not suffering from my normal anxiety attacks, yet I’m nervous.  I’m not overly depressed, but very sad.  My mind feels like scrambled eggs on the flame for a little too long, “Fried.”  😞 😟

After my appointment, my friend “JT” told me about this Youtube video and one of the excerpts was actually rather funny, and it made perfect.  It was called “12 Easy Mental Tricks for Stopping Stress and Anxiety Right This Second.”  Well, when I arrived home, that was the first thing I did… No, sorry.  The first thing I did was take my roommate’s dog “Pinkie” for a walk outside.  Then, I listened to this video.  I thought I would share with you some of the tricks between today, and tomorrow.  Note, I’m not going to lecture any of you on how to break free of stress and anxiety, I’m not a clinician by any stretch, but I did find this to be pretty cool.

Trick #1 The Stop Method

When you feel as if you’re in the midst of an anxiety/panic attack, (STOP!)  (S)top your thoughts before they send you over the cliff, (T)ake a deep breath, (O)bserve your body instead of the mixed up feelings inside your head, and (P)roceed once you are finished.  It’s a technique that only takes a few minutes.  You should notice your body calming down.  Observing was the most crucial of all the elements of (STOP) because it allows you to step outside of your thoughts for a second and focus on what is happening to your body.  Do you feel tense? Angry? Why do you feel this way?  Once your mind plugs into the why you’re more than likely to handle the situation a bit better prior to this technique.

This video made me laugh when it stated, “If all else fails, scream into a pillow like no one’s business, this should clear your mind for sure.”  – I have yet tried this method, but before the day is over, I might actually try this.  😩

Profile of fashionable woman outside in the fog

Trick #2 Set Aside a “Worry Time.”

Make an appointment with yourself, and say “Okay, at 1 pm today, I’m gonna worry the shit about everything on my mind, and by 1:45 pm this will conclude our session with ourselves.”  Kidding…

Sometimes there’s no way to silence your mind, God knows I’m dealing with this on a constant basis, and I truly need to adhere to this following trickery.  When our thoughts are of the worrying nature, it’s best to consolidate all this wasted time into one designated worrying hour.  by setting that time aside, and writing the worry down daily, your overall stress levels start to decrease.  I think I will give this a shot, and see if this method can release some of the pent-up emotions that I’m feeling these days.

Let’s start with these two tricks and see if they help, shall we…  In the meantime, I’ll be back tomorrow with more tricks to help relieve your stress and anxiety levels.  I will also be writing poetry, and/or haiku to relieve my stress levels today, so don’t get worried…  Writing is a great way of relieving stress to me.

I hope you all have a pleasant Tuesday afternoon…  See you tomorrow.

Take care & God Bless!


P.S. If you hear this tremendous scream, I apologize now…  It will only be me screaming into that pillow of mine.  🙂



[Pictures provided by Unsplash.com #1 Morgan Basham & #2 Luiza Sayfullina]







  1. Timing my worry helps. I worried terribly while my husband was under threat in county jail and state prison! I had to push through my day and allow 2 hours at night to worry, cry, freak out! He’s in a better location now but I still struggle. Time slots have helped me!

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