📸 Frozen in Time 📸

Beckie's Mental Mess

Photographs freeze framed people,

places, and things;

Where memories had been formed…

A makeshift time capsule,

in a dusty mahogany box

buried away, only to be taken out,

 and hit replay.

Remembering things

I haven’t thought 

about in ages

Sometimes I wish

some of these photos remained in cages.

A photo can make

time stand still,

If only for a little while

the emotion and a smile

wavered the lies

hidden inside.

[Picture provided by Unsplash.com – Clem Onojehuo]


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      • You’re welcome – I digitized all my photo albums over Thanksgiving … I now know they are safe, have to tweak them, but loaded them onto Shutterfly and put them on a flash drive until I tweak them … some albums have pages with 4-6 images on one page and have to be “taken apart” (for lack of a better word) and saved as separate pictures – it will take a long time, but I separated them into virtual albums so I can find them. I used those pics for Sunday which were all old snow pics when I was a kid and that was fun. I have no family, so being able to look at digitized photos is nice every so often … when the albums were sitting in the bottom of a closet, I never looked at them. After my mom died, I went through all the family albums and scanned in my favorite pics and used them in various posts, but now I have all the pics … no stopping me now.

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