~*~ Second Chances ~*~

Sleeping Beauty 8 by Costurero-Real.deviantart.com

Times have come and gone

like winds blowing clouds about,

a dance so soft and pure.

Sands through an hourglass

or filtering through your

fingertips that used to intertwine;

Love that has passed.

I’m reminded of a portrait

when glances weren’t arduous,

car windows opaque in

a steamy embrace,

evenings of removing black lace.

Was it a memory or something conjured

within my mind’s eye?

Tears roll down from

brown eyes.

Piece’s of both hearts once were,

why did they end in such an ordeal?

Plagued by a scorned heart,

thoughts of it never being able to mend…

It was time to let go of

the memories that haunted me;

To begin again,

something must end.

I’m deserving of loves second chances,

not afflicted by pain.

I so long the voyage

to seek another to break the chains

like which

of a proverbial

fairy tale,

where love’s  first kiss

awakens me.




[Picture provided by Pinterest]








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