Mandrillus sphinx “Growing Refelction”

Original post by Brandon Knoll “Chaotic Shapes” – Not only an amazing artist but his reasoning behind his art is amazing as well.

Chaotic Shapes


This drawing is finally completed. On Monday is when all of the coloring was finished. Just had many other things going on and couldn’t post until today.

Like I always say there’s no reason to rush the process unless you are rushing yourself. All you have to do is breath and take it easy, everything will follow through just be patient.

Today I’ve sprayed the drawing and took a picture as well. The picture you see now.

All of these little processes combine into this bigger picture. In the end, creating all the hocus pocus/art we conclude to seeing in this final image.

This is a drawing of a “Mandrillus sphinx.”

I call this “self-reflection.” Don’t normally have much of a story to share behind most of my pieces. There’s more of an emotion, similar to strings being played on a guitar.

I’ll share a little bit of what I’m…

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