Today I’m grateful for…

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Today I’m grateful to breath to allow purpose.

Today I’m grateful for what the Universe sent me.

Today i’m grateful to have Andrew in my life as my boyfriend, a best friend and my soul mate. My one and only, my hero!

Today I’m grateful to have the positives to allow me to overcome a little of my anxiety to celebrate my nephews first birthday amongst friends, family and strangers.

I’m grateful for the push who ever did it, to allow myself to help my mum’s future happiness.

Today I’m grateful to listen to the song ‘This is me’ by Keala Settle from ‘The Showman’, 5283836739 times, one of my most favourite songs, if not my actual best. A powerful and upbringing song of positivity and possibilities. An inspiring song and Woman with incredible vocals made from her beauty alone. Keala, I thank you!

Today I’m grateful for allowing those…

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