Original post by Grabbety Covens “Surviving The Struggle to Success” – Amazing poetry!

Surviving the Struggle to Success.

Straight out of darkness I rise,

forsaking every disguise,

in the abyss where Hope dies…

there is no compromise,

death struggles against life,

wrong wrestles to prove right…

just surviving’s an uphill fight,

secrets too often come to light…

passion’s heat turns frostbite,

memories change with hindsight…

rarely seen in a fairer light,

darker, as the sky at midnight,

black voids glittered with starlight,

explosions of emotions so finite,

twists of misery and delight,

depending on one’s line of sight,

personal history’s a pitiful plight,

biased, and seldom black and white,

hidden among the words we write,

between the letters the truth lies,

in innuendos or fabricated alibis,

desperately hidden from prying eyes,

in the darkness it comes to light,

and only the strong arise…

© 2018 Grabbety Covens

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

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