~*~ Dedication to “Yarn & Pencil” ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Insist

With each stitch from the skein of untwisted wool

insist on using two needles, one H, and the other J

to form an intricate design that I think is pretty cool.

Eight row’s single and double stitch nice and tight,

Two row’s all stitched in single,

Then one row, a twisted triple for my delight.

Once that row is completed,

I flip it around and go back in reverse,

and repeated.

For when I’m not reading or writing,

I’m lost in my crocheting 

one stitch at a time.




 [Picture provided by yours truly, Beckie Cutler]





  1. Dear Beckie, how very kind, sweet and lovely of you to dedicate a post to me. I’m so touched! It really warms my heart on this cold winter’s day.
    Your blanket is beautiful, such wonderful texture. I love that you use two different sized hooks. Did you follow a pattern or is it something your great aunt taught you?
    With much love 💘, Tracey xx

    Liked by 1 person

      • Sure. Depending on the width you want… Chain stitch. Single Stitch when you turn about. Eight rows of of the same… Single stitch then double, single, double to create the bumpy appearance, then a row of single. (Using H Needle) The multi color stitching is two rows of single stitch, I’m sure your familiar with the granny stitch right? I then do one full row of the granny stitch by double chain up double crochet into first stitch, the another into the next. This will keep the edge even on wither side. two rows of single stitching (J Needle). I’m using baby yarn this time around. You’d be surprised how heavy this for a queen size width.
        I’m awful at explaining, but I can show anyone how to do it. 🙂


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