What it’s Like to Have a Panic Attack While Driving – A Poem

Original post by “The Bipolar Writer” – Anyone who has experienced an anxiety attack behind the wheel, this is a must read! Wonderful poem! 🙂

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

So I figured I should preface this with what happened. Last night I got in my car at around 5:30pm to run some errands and pick someone up. About five minutes into my driving (which I am now calling car anxiety or driving anxiety officially) my anxiety reached crazy levels. I barely was able to pull over and I had to have someone drive my car home.

It sucked. I haven’t had a panic attack in my car in few months and never this bad. To cope I wrote this raw piece. Its kind of poem but more my thoughts. I never wrote something during one of my “in car” panic attacks but I was able to capture on my phone what I was feeling. And this was the results.

Driving Anxiety

I don’t know why this happens to me—again.
It’s not an every time thing.
My anxiety rises the…

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  1. Goodness that must have been worrying. I am fortunate I only recall having one. (If the feeling was as of being punched in the chest) one 2 occaisons. One was seeing my Gran before she passed, and when I was told my by my Mum that she found my Dad too late he had passed away. We, my, Dad and I had been estranged due to his addiction to Alcohol won the war.

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