2018 First Quarter Collaborative Poetry Effort

This collaboration with such talented writers was an honor to share with. Thank you, Friends! 🙂

Surviving the Struggle to Success.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the first collaborative poetry effort of 2018. The entries were fewer than before but the quality is astounding.

This quarter’s theme was, “to begin again, something must end…” Every entry must contain those words, somewhere within the entry. Here are the wonderful results from our fellow writers on WordPress.

Is there a creation,

Without destruction?

Do you ever reach


Without the begin?

Ever heard of sunrise

Without the setting sun?

Do leaves become green

Without falling?

Are there any flowers

That do not die

Only to bloom


Ever heard of spring

Without onset of winters?

Are the two inevitable truths

Of life

Ever uttered alone?

Birth without death?

The same wind that destroy in

A tornado,

Doesn’t it bring life with seeds

It blow,

There are no truth

Without a lie

Have ever welcomed

The new year

Without bidding the…

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