February 7, 2018: Compulsive Behavior – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – (Part 3)

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Hi, Everyone!  How are you all doing this afternoon?  Happy Hump Day!, by the way.  We are mid-way through the week that seems not to want to end.  I woke up this morning and opened the blinds to see the weather doing a combo of activity.  Freezing rain, snow, and dark skies above.  I just kinda stood there feeling numb from this dismal Winter we are experiencing.  So, with that, I shut the blinds with the hopes that I would just ignore the elements.  Is it working?  Nope!  Oh well, can’t cry over spilled milk, right?  Right!  Moving on…

Today, I wanted to cover the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, aka (OCD).  

(OCD) can include compulsions and obsessions, but it’s also possible to only have one of the symptoms, and not both at the same time.  You may not even realize that you have a compulsion and/or obsession unless someone else notices it.  

This was actually brought up to me when I used to work.  People referred to me as just being overly orderly, or organized.  Some would even call me a “Control Freak.”  The fact of the matter was that I was (OCD), and didn’t even realize this until I was diagnosed.  

I would literally freak the hell out if someone used something on my desk, and not place it back from where it belonged.  Each item had a place and if it was disturbed, I was then disturbed.  I was even anal about people touching the files.  If they were removed from the cabinets, I preferred filing them back myself for the threat they would be misfiled.  These poor people had to deal with me daily.  It’s a wonder how no one ever slapped me upside the head with one of those files.

Funny tee. Simply states “I have CDO. It’s like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order, as they should be.” Plenty of perfectionists and people afflicted with OCD will appreciate this shirt.


  • Fear of contamination or dirt 
  • Needing things in an orderly fashion and symmetrical
  • Aggressive or horrific thoughts about harming yourself, or others
  • Unwanted thoughts, including aggression, or sexual or religious subjects

Examples of obsession signs & symptoms include:

  • Fear of touching objects that others have touched, and becoming contaminated
  • Doubts that you have locked doors, turned off or, unplugged everything in your household.  

These routines are anxiety induced if not constantly checked, and re-checked.  There are moments that people will check the following at least 3-8 times a day for their own security.  If they don’t have control over this obsessive ritual, it can cause great distress to the person.

A person makes up these rituals to control their anxiety when you are having obsessive thoughts.  These are considered compulsions, and more often than not realistically related to the problem.


  • Washing & cleaning
  • Checking
  • Counting
  • Orderliness
  • Following the strictest of routines
  • Demanding reassurances

Examples of compulsive signs and symptoms include:

  • Handwashing until your hands become raw
  • Repeatedly checking to make sure doors, windows and garages are locked
  • Checking to make sure all appliances are unplugged, and stove turned off
  • Counting in certain patterns
  • Arranging items to face you, such as can items or items in your drawers or medicine cabinet


OCD Test - can you spot it?I literally spotted it in a 10th of a sec.

Tomorrow, I will cover the following causes and risk factors of (OCD).  Until then, did you spot what was wrong with this example above?  LOL!  I did the second I spotted it.  Have a great rest of your Hump Day folks!

Take Care & God Bless,



[Pictures provided by Pinterest]

[Sources & Research provided by Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and Richard Hall Mental Health Center of Somerset County, N.J., worksheets]






  1. I have what I call ticks. I touch thing’s multiple times with my fingertips. I used to count the touches but I’ve been doing it so long I no longer count. Each time I do have a count the number is odd and prime. I also rub the tips of my finger’s together as well as balling up my toes. My daughter has the exact same tick’s . I never noticed mine until I noticed hers. People would always ask what I was doing and I never knew what they were talking about. My mother has full fledged OCD, I am diagnosed mild but my is definitely triggered from my anxiety.

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  2. Very interesting – I have read about some of the symptoms. When my hairstyle had bangs, and I still worked on site, I had a portable butane curling iron/wand, so I took it with me to work so I didn’t have to wonder whether I turned it off or not – I’m more about worrying about the doors/locks – I was not always like that, but my father was a real piece of work – left my mom after 30 years of marriage – said he didn’t want to be in this family anymore. My mom was advised to file for divorce to protect her interests, but had an attorney that dropped the ball and he took everything out of the bank, and more, but he moved to Germany and, even though he will turn 92 this year, there is always a part of me that believed for years that he will come back and make some sort of trouble. We got steel doors and never would just have the storm door in the Summer – shut both doors – if I go to the backyard I lock the door – perhaps I am overcautious – probably am, and I think that is when I started wigging out about ensuring the door was locked.

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    • I think our fathers are related. My father didn’t want his family anymore until his later years. I tried to like him, but couldn’t. He passed away at at 74 2&1/2 years ago.
      At 92, do you think your father could cause that much trouble? Steel doors vs. 92 year old man. I think you’d win. LOL!

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      • I hope so Beckie and I wrote to the man who is going to do the research. I’m lucky as I always figured to hire a private investigator would cost a lot of money and I didn’t really figure my father was worth a penny, but I wanted to know if he was dead or not. So I am late getting here as I had to e-mail a letter saying I was his daughter and provide some documents with my name on it and I had my baptism certificate and my driver’s license with my name on it, both scanned in. My father was a POS and I told the man who will be researching that I want no claim to his estate, I just want to know if he is dead or alive. I will let you know if I hear anything.

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  3. The worst of my OCD is symmetry and Repeating. I try to even things out and repeat actions until it feels right and I can stop without a meltdown. I have horrible intrusive thoughts, especially when driving. I fear I will not be able to drive much longer. My daughter suffers from social anxiety disorder and my son with OCD as well. I didn’t know what was going on with me until my son was diagnosed. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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