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Beauty By Wanji


Everything doesn’t have to be perfect nothing is perfect!!

In life we often find ourselves trying so hard to conform to society,social media, celebrities etc. We try to fit in because there are standards set ,the question is who has set this standards??

Why do we give other people the liberty to decide which skin colour, hair or body shape looks better that the other. We are all flawed so I believe no one has the right to set standards for human beings. What I’m good at maybe you ain’t and that’s what makes this world fun to live in.

Imagine if all of us had the same talents// gifts ,We’d have no Abraham Lincon, makeba ,Bill gates ,Beyonce, Kirk Franklin,Emile sandé,Tasha Cobb’s,Lilly Singh,Liza koshy ,Phoebe kamau ,Grabbety covens,John Maxwell, Barbra coracon ,David Ramsey the list is endless. There’s space for all of us to shine .

We are…

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