February 6, 2018: Compulsive Behavior – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)- (Part 2)

17 Quotes That Prove OCD Is So Much More Than Being Neat

Good Afternoon my Friends!  How are you this afternoon?  Boy, oh boy, I hope all of you are in good health.  The Flu epidemic is really a serious issue around the US.  How is it in the rest of the world? Do you have a Flu epidemic taking over regions in your countries?  My heart goes out to those families who have lost their children due to this overwhelming illness this year.  Please keep them in your prayers.

So, welcome to (Part 2) of Compulsive Behavior/Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  First, I want to thank the readers that participated in the question segment of yesterday’s entry.  I asked if by chance you experienced (OCD) behavior, or knows of someone who has.  The response was fantastic!

Frazzledagain says: “Thinks she may spend on a whim, but no to the point of compulsive.  However feels like she could see it becoming a disorder, as well as possibly hoarding new items that she purchases on those whims.”

lindasschaub says: She has this thing about checking if the doors are locked before she leaves the home.  After the said door has been locked, she’ll turn around to make sure a steel door is securely locked again.  She wasn’t always like this, but as time moved on, she became more and more aware of having this (OCD) moment of re-checking the hell out of locking doors.

HyperchildChillmom says:  Her hubby has (OCD) and the house must be cleaned ALL OF THE TIME.  She states that it is taxing on her and her children to always have the house perfect.  She also claims her eldest child is a “Neat Freak”, which of course does stem genetically.  Borderline (OCD) is what Chillmom stated.

Most of my readers certainly wanted to learn more, so without further adieu, let us move forward, shall we…  

Quote on anxiety: No matter how irrational I may sound, it's real to me. -Lorri Smith. www.HealthyPlace.com

(OCD) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a pattern of unreasonable thoughts and fears that lead to repetitive behaviors, in other words, compulsions.  These repetitive behaviors can interfere with your daily routines and can cause overwhelming distress to a person.  

Most people with (OCD) tend to TRY to stop this compulsive behavior, but it ends up doing the opposite of what they are trying to ignore, which in turn makes the pattern only increase and their distress levels and anxiety rise.  Despite trying to ignore the issue only increase urges and bothersome rituals take over, and you may feel this anxious feeling of having to complete your mission of sorts.

For instance, yesterday I had full intentions of writing, reading, and cleaning.  I also wanted to complete errands after my doctor’s appointment.  When I arrived home, I realized after the fact that I never did accomplish my errand, that alone bothered me straight through until this afternoon.  I also tried to read other blogs, and then approach my own writing, but I HAD TO CLEAN before I could do this.  Now, being that I was cleaning, I also kept checking the clock, because I was nervous not be able to do my reading & writing as well when I wanted to.  By the time I was done with cleaning, I was exhausted not by the task, but because my anxiety jumped into overdrive.

(OCD) often centers around rituals.  For example; washing your hands.  My friend “JT” and my other friend’s son washing their hand under the most excruciating hot water, and lather up before doing pretty much anything, especially before eating.  By the looks of this ritual, you’d think they were going in to perform surgery.  I myself have this thing about washing my hands too, but not to the point I don’t have fingerprints remaining on my fingers.  I tend to buy at least a minimum of 2-4 soap dispensing products once a month, and yes, they are all used up in one month. 

When a person has (OCD), they might not even realize how unreasonable their rituals truly are.  It all appears normal to them, but someone else observing them might think them to be nuts.  That my friends are where breaking the stigma goes into effect.  It’s a disorder, nothing more, nothing less.  It’s not hurting anybody but the person who is suffering from (OCD).

Tomorrow, I’m going to explore the symptoms a bit more.  I pose this question to my readers and anyone who wants to join in on this topic.  Have you ever tried to avoid your compulsive rituals, and if so, what happened thereafter?  

Until tomorrow, I hope all of you remain in good health and do everything in your power to avoid catching the Flu.

Take Care & God Bless,


All. The. Time.


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  1. I always check all the appliances in the house before I leave to make sure nothing is plugged in ,but once I get on the bus I call at the house so my mother can double check .One time there was noone at home so I tried to rationalize that I had already checked everything ,30 minutes in I was so overwelmed by guilt that I had burnt the house down, that I just had to go back to check anyway..Needless to say nothing was plugged in and the house wasn’t burnt to the ground…(waste of time ,waste of energy)

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    • I did that with my coffee pot one time. I was so used to my routine of always making sure it was turned off, and one day I arrived at work and was freaking out all morning thinking exactly the same way you had. I took an earlier lunch that day, and sped home like the place had blown up. Nothing happened, and it was turned off after all that anxiety. LOL!


  2. I have become a bit of a germaphobe and I go through a lot of soap too, especially in Winter, and especially during this flu epidemic. We’re not obsessed like Howie Mandel, but it good to be a little cautious, just don’t scrub off your fingerprints in the process. I don’t have fingerprints anymore as I’ve been typing for so many years (legal secretary) and I’m not an American citizen so must renew my green card every 10 years. Because I’ve worn my fingerprints off, they can’t taken an electronic capture, but have to do ink prints. And still the ink prints didn’t come out and I had to get a verification from the police department in my City to assure the Department of Homeland Security I was okay to stay here another 10 years. I have lived in the same house since 1966 and live just across the border (Detroit River) from my homeland (Canada).

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  3. I hate the Winter and commuted many years by bus … bus was late, bus broke down – but I dislike driving in the Winter. My poor car will be sitting in the garage for weeks the way this Winter is going. There seems like there is just no end to it this year.

    Liked by 1 person

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