~ This is What Happens When I Take a Day off From Writing~

Happy Late Saturday Afternoon to All!  How are you guys doing today?

As of this past Friday, I was going to take a day off, to hang out with one of my dearest friends, “JT”, but before that, I had wanted to take care of a few errands, and I was on a mission to find new bed sheets in a specific buttercup yellow.  I didn’t think this was going to take up most of my morning, and part of the afternoon, but I did finally come across exactly what I wanted.  Why, this color?  Because this Winter has done a number to my mood, and I wanted a cheerful color to enhance all the teal and aqua throughout my room.  So, “Cha-Ching $$” minus my 20% & $5.00 off coupons for that purchase. Then I finally left Bed Bath & Beyond store, Finally!  BUT…

Another item I was looking for, they didn’t have in stock.  So with this, I ordered it through the store happily,  a new shower curtain, hand towels, lotion dispenser, and soap dish with my favorite little critters on it, “Dragonflies.”  I was so utterly pleased because they accepted all of my 20% & $5.00 off coupons towards the online purchase.  It’s also a good thing I’m no longer with my ex-fiance’, or I would have had to say the usual, “Look, I saved money.”  LOL!  😀 😁  (I had a stack of coupons saved for over 6 months from weekly fliers in the mail).  

All in all, I thought it was a productive day of cheering myself up a bit, by treating myself to something I knew I would love and cheer me up during this dreadful Winter season.  That was until I picked up my buddy, and we went back to my place.

God love him, he thought of me the minute he came across a certain artist that made this 30 x 40 painting with gold inlay of this dragonfly you see above.  First words out of my mouth after stating “Oh My Gawd!!!!  I love it!!!!” then followed with… “How much does this guy want it for?”  💲 – – Keep in mind, I was making out with all these great deals throughout the day.  No sooner than I asked that question, I sure found out real quick how much the painting was,  $400.00 in a nutshell.  

🤑 😲 ☹️ 🙁 😖 😞  This is how quickly my mood changed.  So, not only am I going to be saving for a trip to visit my mother again (hopefully by May/June), the artist is willing to accept payment of the following love of my life original come late Summer.  

I have looked for a piece to hang over my bed since the day I moved in with my roommate, and of course, I never imagined I would spend this much, but the way I see it, (Here comes my logic) this is not only art but an investment. I’ve already decided to “Possibly” return the bathroom items, in order for me to put that fund aside.  I just so want this piece!  💟

So, my question to you is this…  Do you think this is compulsive on my part?  Do I need to discuss this with my therapist?  If something will make me happy, isn’t that what it’s all about?  Especially, after the bipolar episode, I just endured.  Seriously, what do you think?  

I do hope all of you are having a less expensive weekend than I.  LOL!  Hope to hear from you soon.  Have a great day!

Take care & God Bless,





  1. As long as you don’t accumulate debt by using a credit card, but pay with cash — at least that’s what I’d do. I got into big financial trouble with credit cards because of my bipolar impulses.

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      • You’re welcome Beckie … life is just too short sometimes to hold back and deny. I say that as a person who just works part-time … I got laid off and through loyalty to my boss and my mom becoming ill, I never went back to a full-time job. I like the independence of working from home and in truth, I work more hours than I am paid for, but I don’t miss the commute and other parts of a regular job. But as I near age 62 and my boss nears age 71, I realize that maybe it was not so smart of me to do that.
        I do try to be frugal, but can’t say I deny myself anything, but I still have a niggling feeling that this was not the best choice for me. My mom passed away in 2010 so I could have had 8 years of working with a full paycheck and then be ready to really retire at 65 or so … luckily I made investments when I worked full time and have not touched them … but I still dwell on my decision daily. I say “go for it!”

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      • I think I finally did make a decision based on a “Future”. Everyone was so kind saying I deserved to purchase the painting, but when I really thought abut it. I seriously have to consider the real importance of my future.
        Thank you, for sharing with me your story. Believe it or not, you actually helped me finalize my decision. God Bless You! Beckie

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      • I’m glad I could be of some help Beckie. I never feel like I am denying myself anything on an every day basis, but there are sometimes I feel like I’d like to splurge on something and not feel guilty about it … I am a person who dislikes uncertainty and I’m guessing you are the same way too.

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      • “Once burned, twice shy” as the saying goes. I was frivolous with money when I was younger, just buying things I wanted (clothes, jewelry, makeup) but my mom made me save money to ensure I would be okay when I retired. Thank goodness for her insistence. My parents were not rich when I came along and my mom said “you do not know what it is like to be poor, and if you did, you would never let it happen again” … those words will stick with me forever. So, I try to be smarter now.


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