‘If You Are Not the One’

Original post by “A Guy Called Bloke” – Fantastic!

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!


‘If You Are Not the One’

Our relationship started so innocently at first,
A bit of fun for the slackened times,
Unknowing was l, that l would become hopelessly immersed,
And that your appeal would consume my downtime!
It seems like only yesterday, when we began our affair,
When we united as ‘one’ however, l’m none too sure,
But happened it did along the line somewhere,
I became seduced by your digital allure!

Prior to your arrival, l was becoming unhappy,
With my life as other hard corers know only too well,
That time when our fingers no longer dance in beauty,
And boredom finds solace adding to our turmoil!
You came as a suggestion from a good friend,
But with an attached warning of danger,
That if allowed out of control, you could spell my end,
And l could end up a bachelor!

I listened not to the messages…

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