​5 Mistakes people make when Self Publishing

Original post by Emmanuel Rockan “Life Lessons” great advice to those who want to be published.

Life lessons

1.Not Buying ISBN.

We are humans, I understand we love free stuff, but when KDP or CreateSpace assign you a free ISBN, your book is as good as not published.

Unless of course you have a huge following on social media.

Enough people to buy your book and spread the word.

Cheap is expensive.

When you buy that ISBN, they control some of the rights and there is a chance that your book can go super popular.

Buying ISBN is like paying for traffic on Facebook.

Plus when you buy that ISBN you become your own publisher, not KDP.

2.Creating your own book cover And writing a Dumb Back Blurb.

This Back Blurb issue is so serious that I’ll have to write a whole article about it.

Wait for it tomorrow.

Never make the mistake of designing your book cover.

Your book cover is like the location of setting up…

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