Yay! January 2018 Is Out Of Here! ✨”Hello, February ✨

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February bullet journal month title page with wreath and butterfly by Stacy Anderson.

Good Morning my Friends!  Happy February and Happy Friday Eve! 

I for one am thrilled that January is over with for many reasons.  Firstly, my roommate, “JK” is doing much better, and will be transferred to a rehab facility to gain her strength back from the surgeries that had taken place all throughout January.  She is definitely one tough cookie.  There was a moment her sister and I didn’t think she was actually going to make it, and that scared the living shit out of both of us.  With all of the prayers and well wishes that were extended in her direction from all of you, (me readers) I profusely Thank you and Thank God, for watching over her.

Secondly, I am beyond thrilled that my bipolar 2 & mania episode has passed.  It took 10 weeks to shake the feeling of gloom and doom, and pure exhaustion to get out of my system entirely.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a bit tired, but I guess that comes from taking care of the house, and four pets while my roommate hasn’t been home.  It’s a very good thing they’re all adorable because I would have had to relocate them.  “Kidding.”  

One of the funniest moments was when my parrot “Peanut” mimicked me by saying “Lay down Pinkie, I said lay down!”  (That’s my roommate’s dog).  The first time he said it, it took everything I had not to crack up laughing because I, in fact, was trying to get Pinkie to relax, and lay down in the first place.

Yes, she’s adorable and all sorts of poised when having a photo op, but she has her moments when she turns into devil dog. LOL!


This past month was also when I decided I was no longer going to attend my group therapy “Peace & Progress aka Anxiety Group”, it wasn’t serving me anymore.  If anything, my frustration with the group overall, just annoyed me.  The sad fact of the matter was that I wasn’t the only one.  From what I had learned, there were several people that dropped out of the group based on the same reasons.

However, when I see my therapist next, I do want to discuss an alternative group in order to join.  Possibly the depression group since my mood seemed like it took a turn for the worst over that 10 week period I went through.  I need to learn more coping skills and/or different types of meditation to deal when the depression strikes me down.  

I happened upon a quote that I have read to myself during the last week of January…

… Through it all, we learn, we grow strong in faith, we mature in understanding.  The difficult times are often the best teachers, and there is good to be found in all situations.  Reach for the good.  Be strong, and don’t give up ~ Pamela Owens Renfro~


I wish all of you a wonderful Thursday!

Take Care & God Bless Every one of You!



  1. Glad to hear your roommate is doing much better and your bipolar 2 and mania episode has passed and you are starting to feel better. 🙂 It’s always scary when those things happen, I am not bipolar, but I just had a bad episode of something (I don’t know what it was and have such a hard time with my emotions. Depression, I was shutting down etc? I dunno) but I am glad it passed and am also glad to see January be over.

    My aunt has a parrot, African Grey and it is one of the smartest breeds of parrots. Though it is shy to strangers, won’t talk much when too many people are in the room instead it sits there and listens. Waiting to mimic. lol. But he is amazing if you get the chance to listen to him. He does all sorts of crazy stuff, mimics the phone, does full phone conversations, the answering machine etc. It responds when people knock on the door. It calls and knows the dogs by name (although her dogs passed recently) and the parrot does stop saying the dog’s names after they are gone and not around. When they welcomed a new dog or what have you, it instantly learns it names and commands it like my uncle or aunt does. Lol. Like when their dog Lex would walk by the parrot’s cage it would be like “Lex, lie down!” and wouldn’t confuse the two dog names even though they were the same breed of dogs. This parrot does more than just mimic. That what always blew my mind. He responds with the right responses at the right time. If he falls off his perch he will curse (because my uncle is a curser unfortunetly) but he like knows when to at the right time, always in my uncle’s voice. He is really cool and if my husband wasn’t allergic to birds (he is allergic to the feathers or down) I would offer to take the parrot after my aunt passes. The bird will outlive them and none of their kids want the parrot. A lot because they either find it annoying or he bites them and harasses them when they are there. Lol. When my cousin lived there when she was younger she was a huge phone person and whenever the parrot would mimic the phone ringing she would rush out to answer the phone to find out it was just the parrot. So yes parrots are super neat, and some like my aunt’s parrot do a lot more than just mimic voices and sounds. He is really intelligent. He dances too, which is super adorable. xD

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    • Peanut is an Amazon Yellow Nape, the next, intellegent parrot out there.
      He loves to entertain, sings over 12 songs. Unfortunately imitates car alarms, and we have talks all the time. He speaks fluent dog & cat, and again, never shuts up until he request to go “Night, Night Mommy.”
      He’s going to be 31 years old come March.

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      • Yes those are very intelligent too and yes very entertaining! My aunt’s parrot is super intelligent, but they are not as known to be like show birds or entertaining. They are but like just very shy and very observant. Yet when you are not in the room he never shuts up. xD So I know what you mean. My aunt’s challenge will be her parrot wil out live her, african greys can live up until like 80 years it is known. And he is so attached to the one owner, her. I worry what will happen to him even if he gets a new owner, if he will like get depressed without her. I find the biggest challenges with parrots is they get attached to like one owner, picky about people and are not domestic at all. Lol. But I still love them and they are so entertaining. 🙂

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  2. I forgot to share my favorite story (sprry for ranting I really want a parrot like this if you can’t tell) but my favorite memory of it was when I was living at my nannies, my aunt and uncle also had to live with her temporarily with the pets as they had a kitchen fire (they were all okay and no one was hurt and also another long story) but I went to let Lex their dog come inside and she went to the backroom to lie down where the parrot was and the parrot is like “LEX WANNA GO OUTSIDE” in my uncle’s voice. Poor Lex gets back up and walks to the door I am like Jeez Harley, she was just outside! Haha

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  3. I’m so glad to hear that your roommate is feeling better, but then with your prayers and constant care, how could she not get better? 🙂 ❤

    I had no idea you had such a rough start to the year. I hope that things will pan out the way you want them to in the remainder of the year. Stay strong and keep looking ahead, Beckie dearest.

    Those pets sound like so much fun. I wish I had one 😦


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