The Poet..

Original post by “Stoner on a Rollercoaster” – every word said is true. Beautiful!

I was looking for inspiration for today’s post.

So I resorted to Khalil Gibran and came across this…

The means of reviving a language lie in the heart of the poet and upon his lips and between his fingers.

The poet is mediator between creative power and the people.

He is the wire that transmits the news of the world of spirit to the world of of research.

The poet is the father and the mother of language, which goes wherever he goes.

When he dies, it remains prostrate over his grave, weeping and forlorn, until another poet comes to uplift it.

And it occurred to me, writers and poets are Conveyors of language and ideas.

Of concepts and traditions

A poem has countless facets just like a well crafted gemstone.

Every time light hits it, it embraces the light and create a dazzling kaleidoscope in its womb.


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