💔A Narcissistic Love Affair 💔

Beckie's Mental Mess

You've got to get your heart broken sometime, if you want to see what lives inside. ("Press-on")

A tear


when I

remember the


you made

my heart


The first

day I saw

your face

your smile

plastered on

your face

I could not have


The way

you smiled

at me,

as if we

were meant to be.

The day

you asked

me out,

I never had any


I said yes

and we

soon caressed.

The day you


“I love you”

I responded

“I love you too.”

You wrapped

your arms

around me,

and said

you would always

care for me.

But;  it was


The Narcissist

in you


I jump off

a cliff.

You lied to


yet I was to

blind to see.

The day you

said “good-bye”

I just sat

and cried.

You simply

used me for

every dime

I earned,

a lesson to harsh,

I did learn.

My guard

is back once


my trust

is currently


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