Mental Health & Essential Oils

Original post by “Bipolar Barb” – reaffirms my usage of essential oils. Love em’! 🙂

Bipolar Barb

7279011674_52bc635f48_zAbout a year ago, an acquaintance told me that essential oils, which I’ve heard a lot about because aromatherapy seems trendy, can help improve depression in a natural way. If there was an inkling that it would work, I was willing to try almost anything to lift my mood to baseline.

So in March 2017, I bought bottles of Bergamot and Lavender oils from an Aveda salon, because the former is supposed to help with depression. It has relaxing qualities that relieves tension, and therefore, reduces depression. The latter has calming effects that soothe anxiety. I have no idea how this works.

A few drops of oil are mixed with water in a diffuser (which is kind of like a humidifier) that disperses the scent throughout the room in which the diffuser is placed. Or you can place a drop or two in a diffuser necklace or bracelet…

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