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via Daily Prompt: Cavity

Tuesdays are Eww!No matter what direction I thought I could go with today’s Daily Post Prompt “Cavity”, I ended up thinking I had o choice but to either write about something disgusting, or a goofy poem about love.  I chose neither.  However, I did think of something a little off the cuff.

“Was your Mama a beaver, because damn baby!”

“Do you have a Band-Aide?  Because I scraped my knee falling for you.”

Very true...jimmy Fallon on"ew" “Remember me? Oh, that’s right… We met inside my dream.”

“God must be missing an angel because here you are in front of me.”  👼

“You’re so sweet, I’m developing a cavity!”  👩🏼‍🔧  (Here’s some Oregel fool!)

“Good thing I have my library card because I’m checkin’ you out.”

New party member! Tags: hulu rose gross ew golden girls over it the golden girls yuck betty white rose nylund  “Hey, Baby, want a raisin?  Oops, I’m all out.  Want a date instead?”

Young or old, us women have heard em’ all.  The worlds worst pick up…

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