~Saturday Ritual~

Candles all aglow

Relaxing Saturday night

I sit and crochet. 🕯



[Photo by Beckie Cutler]


  1. You don’t get into trouble that way Beckie. Just kidding. My mom loved to knit and said it relaxed her very much. She tried to teach me but I kept dropping stitches all the time, and would do this while watching TV … every commercial it was “Mom, can you help me here?” She gave up on me finally. I used to do Pretty Punch instead while watching TV – kept me from dozing off, especially before such things as VCRs and you could record all the shows that were on late and could go to bed at a decent time. Pretty Punch was like embroidery, but using wool and I’d embroider designs onto sweatshirts. You punched in/out so it was very thick, in textures like a rug.


      • My mom used to make sweaters and vests for me … she is gone now, but I still have her handiwork to remember her by. She did afghans for my grandmother’s couch and one for her and I, but she used large needles and it was a large job getting them done and she got carpal tunnel syndrome, and after that she never knit the last few years of her life (despite having the surgery). Be careful making something that large and take a break every so often.

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      • I’ve made bedspreads in the past. In fact one just last month for my bed. I’m shocked I haven’t developed carpal tunnel since I’ve been crocheting since I was 11 years old.
        It’s so nice to have the heirlooms your mother made over time, I know my mother still has every afghan I ever made, and it’s ot like she really needs tham in Florida. LOL! 🙂
        Well, good night my friend. I’m whipped out. Take care. 🙂

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