Original post y “Thoughsnlifeblog” – Excellent piece, and I loved the quotes in between. 🙂



We seem to go about life on some sort of Autopilot.

Is the Autopilot intelligent ?

Or is it a Zombie Autopilot?

Or a Robot programmed Autopilot?

Are we wake or are we walking around sleeping?

Are we conscious or are we the walking dead?

We are the Soul in this body.

But, we seem to behave as someone else is driving our ship!

What is this autopilot we are on?

What automatic flight plan are we on?

Do we want to go on this automatic flight plan ?

Or is there is magnetic energy that has us stuck to this AutoPilot?

The Autopilot say, get more stuff cause your neighbour or colleague has stuff, it will make you happy.  Okay, I did what the autopilot said.  But, wait I am still  not happy?  I keep repeating this same cycle, and still happiness and peace doesn’t come. Hey, Autopilot…

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