~ 💕Begin Again 💕~

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

One day someone is going to hold you so tight that all your broken pieces are going to fit back together.

This once closed soul of mine,

would you be the one who reignites my shattered pieces?

Is it inscrutable to set a dream in motion,

without causing a commotion?

I don’t believe it’s incomprehensible

to create a new light within my awaiting heart;

When all is needed is a jump start.

A feeling so deep in my soul to begin again,

are you willing to hold my hand?

I’d long to feel the butterflies, 

of this, I won’t deny.

Terrified of my heart not being able to be shattered once again,

for it took so long before to mend.

Yet, I’m still willing to begin again.


[Picture provided by Pinterest]


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