January 26, 2018: 🚭 Quit Smoking Once and For All!!! 🚭 (Final-Part 4)

Stop smoking ! Why?

Good Morning, Everyone!  Happy Friday to each and every one of you!  🙋

I wanted to personally shout out and say “Thanks” to Barb, of “Bipolar Barb”, for not only sharing her story about quitting smoking but also reblogging the three out of the four-part series of “Quit Smoking Once and For All!!” –  That truly meant the world to me.  I also want to reach out to all the participants that have shared their experiences in quitting, and/or trying to quit smoking.  I applaud each and every one of you for your accomplishments, and continuing efforts in breaking such a God awful habit.

I have so much respect for those people who can quit smoking cold turkey.  The only times I did that was when I was pregnant (miscarriage), back to smoking more.  Then another time when I started a new position at my former company, and my boss (friend) died of pneumonia, why?  Because he was a smoker.  What did I do as a result, back to smoking like an ass.  You think that by my boss dying, I would have learned.  Nope!  I was an official ass!

LOL funny divorce meme

Consider quitting smoking as if you are breaking up or getting a divorce.  Sure it stings at first; Emotionally, physically, and financially… but, you soon get over the break, why?  Because you must move on.  “Let it go”-  “Don’t worry, I won’t perform the song for you.  Wouldn’t want to deafen you.”  LOL!  😣

So, what are the best ways to quit? ‘other than cold turkey’… QUIT, QUIT, QUIT & STOP!    (www.QuitSmokingMagic.com) is one way.  Most hospitals and physicians have a cessation program to quit smoking.  There are the gums, patches, medications…  You name it.  You can also attempt Hypnosis, it takes approximately 4-6 visits, but then you’re done with it.

My way of quitting smoking was moving to Vaping.  Sure, there is nicotine, but not all those 4000 other chemicals involved, but I at least don’t smell like a chimney anymore.  

Here’s my baby “Siegelei 66”, along with some of the brands of vapor I use.  “Naked” is my all-time favorite hands down.  I’ve been vaping for close to two years now.  Out of pocket cost initially was $76.00 for unit, $20.00 something for the tank, and $7.00 for a packet of coils that you need to change every other week.  Plus depending on the brand of “Juice/Vapor” you like, it can range between $2.99-$25.00.  I go through a bottle and a half of “Naked” every month.  Hell of a huge difference than spending close to $4000 a year on cigarettes per year, am I right?  Of course, I am, duh!  

In that close to two year period of vaping, I have also cut down the degree in which the nicotine level was at in the beginning.  I used to purchase 12%, I am currently at a 6% nicotine level.  Not too shabby, right?  Eventually, I won’t need to vape at all.

Weigh out the Pros and Con’s of quitting smoking, seriously.  


No more pharyngitis, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, circulatory disorders, stroke, impotence, and cancer.  No more chances of reducing getting pregnant increases of miscarriages, and leads to early menopause, which by the way, all of the above took place with me.


Withdrawals, irritability, hostility, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, slow heartbeat, and a possible increase in appetite.  (But, this will pass in a matter of a couple of months), whereas, the Pros out beat then following Cons.

Haze Smoke Shop Vancouver BC. Pic saved from google

Ask yourself this last and final question…  Are you worth saving your life?


Okay, my dear readers, this concludes my determination in getting to get you to quit smoking and I certainly have high hopes that you will.  You can do this!  

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great start to the upcoming weekend!


Take Care & God Bless,



[Pictures provided by Pinterest and me.  🙂  )




  1. I quit smoking 32 years ago. Since that time, I have never regretted taking my life back, especially when you consider the people profiting from these cancer sticks are the ones buying $60,000 household shower curtains on a whim. I was vulnerable once, no more!

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