January 24, 2018: Quote of The Day – Warmth of Community 🌎 🌍 🌏 – My Take

A person's cupped hands holding a delicate pink flower

Fortunately [psycho] analysis is not the only way to resolve conflicts.  

Life itself still remains a very effective therapist.

~ Karen Horney ~

My Take:

Over the span of a couple of months, and more so this week alone, there have been several fellow bloggers and myself expressing how much we gain from discussing our mental health disorders, illnesses, and just plain ‘good ole’ life’, here at this forum, “Our Blogosphere.”

This past Monday 01/22/18, I had my appointment with my psychiatrist.  After I explained why I refused to take the Amitriptyline ever again because it increased my anxiety, I’m now back on my regime of my normal (Hahahaa), medications.  

I also announced that I no longer wanted to attend the so-called “Peace & Progress Group aka Anxiety Group”, because it was no longer serving a purpose to me.  When asked why… my response was,  “I have gained so much from participating and having open discussions with my fellow bloggers, pertaining to mental health.”

The group was not providing me (And, from what I learned, “Several others” will not be returning based on what I said next), “We don’t need a timekeeper and a person that only understands the “Clinical” sense of mental illnesses/disorders and not what the “person” is experiencing.  

Oh, I won’t stop seeing my therapist and doctor, I just won’t be attending a group that has more than less frustrated me, then helped me. 

I am so utterly grateful to my fellow bloggers (YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE).  We truly formed a community that seriously assists one another, pretty much, every single day.  

Whether we are writing about a particular subject or shooting from the hip creatively, we find solace in everything we read and write.


God Bless You All Guys!!!



[Source; Each Day a New Beginning – Karen Casey – Hazelden Meditation; Quote]

[Picture provided by Unsplash.com – Ester Marie Doysabas}


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