January 24, 2018: 🚭 Quit Smoking Once and For All! (Part 2) 🚭



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Good Afternoon Folks!  Happy Hump Day to All of YOU!!!

I want to personally thank you for all the support you have given my roommate “JK” over this whole week.  You can never know how much I appreciate all the good wishes and prayers.  I finally just learned this morning, that she is doing much better today.  She is not completely out of the woods entirely, but the good news is always welcomed. 

I also want to reach out to the many of you that supported my piece yesterday regarding the question I posted pertaining to Quitting Smoking.   I presented a picture of people in commercials/infomercials that were rather disturbing and asked;  What are your thoughts on the subject matter?  and/or were you the least bit scared to witness these adds? 

“Michele E.H.”,  wrote she had tried to quit 100 million times from a pack a day habit.  Now she has cut it to 2 cigarettes per day.

“The Adventures of Doodledip” stated, her father had quit for 2 years after smoking for 35 years because his lungs were black.  But, he had started again due to stress at work.  Now, doctors currently have him on anti-depressants, but he is still smoking.

What is Pneumoconiosis or Black Lung Disease

There are over 4000 chemicals, 43 known as cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds, and 400 other toxins in one ( 1 ) cigarette.  Multiply that by 20 in one single pack per day = 80,000 chemicals, 860 cancer-causing compounds, 8000 other toxins.  

Here are some of the dominant toxins just to name a few;  Nicotine, Tar, Carbon Monoxide ( Do you need an alarm system hanging from your rib cage to go off? ), formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and arsenic, DDT.  “Do you think I was kidding about the alarm hanging around your neck?  Shit, we have carbon monoxide alarms hanging in our homes right?”



Full-Size (US Letter) 2018 Dated Yearly Calendar Printable for your long term planning.

Build Your Quit Plan:

One of the keys to a successful quit plan is preparation. Create a Quit plan by combining quit smoking strategies to keep focused, confident, and motivated to quit.  Help identify challenges you will face as you quit and ways to overcome them (Coping skills).  

Alright, so we’re already in the last week of January 2018, but we have a whole 11 brand new months ahead of ourselves.  Here are a few techniques to customize your own plan.

Break out that calendar, and pick a date.  When it comes to choosing a specific quit date, the sooner the better.  Don’t drag this on, or you’ll never stick to this.  According to the CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Many smokers need at least a two week time period to psych themselves up for their quit date.  So say, you take a nice colorful Sharpie marker, and by using the current date, 01/24/2018, you circle 02/07/2018.  Write in the middle of that date, “Quit Smoking!” Or select the upcoming weekend of the 10th, when it’s less stressful from work.  You may want to write this down and stick it on your mirror in the bathroom/bedroom, or perhaps your refrigerator.  All these reminders will keep you in check.

Next step, notify family, friends, and co-workers that you have a set “Quit Date”, I’m sure there are several calendars to post this around the office.  You would be amazed of the support system you will have by announcing to everyone.   In fact, check out the following site (https://smokefree.gov/getting-support).  The more support, the better the results.

Next, remove all the smoking reminders that might sidetrack your “Quit Date”, by removing ashtrays, emptying out the vehicles ashtray, and use air freshener to keep a fresh scent in the automobile.  Wash your clothes, and clean your home, windows included.  Get rid of the nasty scent of smoke out of everything around you.  If you create a clean environment, your chances of quitting are greater.


Here are a few questions I’d like to ask my fellow bloggers:

  1. Do you smoke?
  2. How much per day?
  3. Have you ever attempted to quit before?
  4. If you did, in fact, quit, for how long did it last?
  5. Have you stopped? and, if so how long has it been for?


Tomorrow, I will continue to (Part 3) of Building a Quit Plan, as well as several other ways in order to grab the bulls by the nasty horns and take back your life.  Until then, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Take Care & God Bless!



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24 thoughts on “January 24, 2018: 🚭 Quit Smoking Once and For All! (Part 2) 🚭

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  1. I used to smoke one-half to a full pack a day for 12 years. I quit in 1998, and haven’t picked up a cigarette since. These are great posts, Beckie. They may inspire me to write my own post on how/why I quit!

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  2. I quit smoking at age 23. I had smoked since I was 16. I did this cold turkey, but had already had one unsuccessful try a couple of years before when I was pregnant. I’ve been a non-smoker for 38 years now, and so glad I quit!

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  3. Smoking is one of the most leading causes to heart disease (Heart attack, heart failure, clogged arteries etc) and has also been said to be as common if not more common for smokers to get heart problems more so than cancer. A lot of quit smoking ads don’t bother me because a lot are really over the top, and some are even false. Either way smoking is horrible and bad for you no matter the outcome. Cancer, heart failure, lung failure or whatever it may be, the death is slow and painful. You deteriate slowly. So no matter what’s true and what is not, it’s just a horrid expensive addiction that is killing you slowly.

    I have smoked since I was 15? I am now 30, so yes 15 or more years. I started slow of course, at that age I also didn’t have smokes on me at all time it was harder to get as I was not of age to buy them etc. So it was whenever I could get a smoke here and there. I stupidly started because my friends told me after I smoked a joint or whatever it would get me even more high. Less oxygen = more high? I think is the theory. True or not, was the most stupidest thing I ever did. I also liked the head rushes, before I knew it…addicted. I moved up to about a half pack a day into my late teens and throughout my early twenties I was smoking anywhere between half a pack to almost a full pack a day. Throughout these years I have tried to quit a few times, be it for a week or even a few days. My longest quit attempt was over a month and my excuse to going back was stress. Stupid right? I tried to quit again last week, even psyched myself up for it, thought about it for a long time, did the right steps, thought I was ready. Yeah I lasted not even a day. But mind you I tried this time cold turkey. Normally before I did choose other nicotine alternatives. Over this past couple of years (2016-2017) however my smoking has gone down tremendously. I have gone from half a pack to like 6-8 smokes a day for the majority of that time and the past few months it went down to around 5, and although I still smoke 5 smokes a day here and there, I am trying to keep it down to 3 or 4. I also have found a lot of the nicotine alternatives are not for me. The gum OMG I’d chew it till my jaws hurt get a head rush but not a enjoyable head rush, just feel even more off than just from withdrawals and chuck the gum out. Haha. Then there are nicotine alternatives that can cause terrible sleep patterns, nightmares, throwing up etc. I don’t need to be repulsed by a cigarette, to quit you know? Like I understand that theory but I already know smoking is disgusting, I don’t need to throw my guts up. Part of the problem is how stupid as it sounds, I enjoy the habit of smoking and I am an reward smoker. So it’s so much harder cause people be like look at all these facts, but when withdrawing I am just like I don’t care, I like smoking. 😦 I am looking into nicotine vaping as an alternative next so my next attempt which will be soon, won’t be cold turkey and I can dial down the nicotine slowly or what have you. I am already smoking 3-5 smokes a day in hopes it will lower my need for nicotine. So that’s my story so far. 🙂 Sorry for the rant. Haha

    Few more points on the topic of smoking…One I wish society encouraged smokers to quit in a sense make it cheaper to quit. In short term it is cheaper to buy a pack of smokes here than it is to quit. I hear in the UK not all parts, but some there is a lot more help from the government and encouragement to help the people quit smoking. Like the doctor gives you nicotine substamces for free or under your insurance, and the doctor that helps you quit successfully gets paid to help you quit or something? UK is thinking long term health will be cheaper. North America…Not so much. Truth be told, I don’t think our governments give two shits about our health care. Even being born in Canada with universal health care, they still need a lot of work. Haha. So it’s up to us. On the bright side, more people are now quitting smoking in North America than starting. Vaping is becoming popular in the youth and that is sad to see, but smoking cigarettes is no longer acceptable. It is not cool, people find it gross and with that there is not this peer pressure. In fact when I went to high school though was a small population I could count the kids who smoked, it wasn’t a lot. Our school more had an issue with weed and kids going to class high, than smoking cigarettes. I can only imagine those numbers have gone down since I left high school. We don’t need more information about why smoking is bad, the government should be putting all that research we have already researched and put it towards their citizens health.

    The problem that plaques the next generation seems to be now vaping is becoming more common and with parents both having to work, lack of motivation, technology advancing kids are becoming obese at an alarming rate. Which is also really bad for your health, but I don;t find enough talk about obesity and the risks of that for our health. It’s still all this talk on smoking, I am like guys even as a smoker I know it’s a dying thing. It will probably be close to dead with my generation. Even in my generation it was slowing down in alarming rates. I am more worried about the youth of today, but if we say anything about it we are considered ignorant. I don’t call people names like fat or what have you. We need to educate them I mean in a intellectual way that exercise and eating healthy = good lifestyle choices, lower risks of diabetes and other really bad health problems etc. The sad thing is when I smoked, I was 15, I had somewhat a good head on my shouldrs, it was my choice. I was old enough to know better than peer pressure. I made a stupid choice, very stupid. And my parents believe me wanted to kick my butt. I see 6-8 year old kids obese or really over weight. I am like I was not making bad life choices at that age, they have no say. Like where are the parents?! If a 8 year old was smoking and the parents allowed this, the child would most likely be picked up by child services and the parents would be accused of some form of child abuse. But let your child sit at home being babysat by an xbox and shoving chips down his throat for breakfast (exaggeration) of course is different? No both are bad lifestyle choices and should not be happening to kids. That is what I am the most upset about right now with the new generation. I am looking around like I guess this was when smoking was not seen as poisonous right? That it’s okay to not be healthy by lack of exercise and no meal patrol. But it only upsets me because I see it happening to kids. I could careless what adults do, kids have no say, choice or no any better. They are innocent. So I think obesity is going to become the new smoking thing. Once it is seen as a shameful thing and we become more educated about it in intellectual conversations etc it will die out too hopefully.

    Thank you for these posts,they really inspire me especially for a person who is on the road to quit again and this time for good. It is good to see it becoming a dying thing. Which is why I don;t get why say non smokers still freak out about it. Last year I had someone tell me I was polluting the air or something along with a fake cough. I laughed and said what is polluting the air is too many humans. Our cars cause more pollution than cigarettes (fact) and I can name others, like please sit quiet and just let it die out. I only take advice from those who understand addiction and can relate. The fake cough thing and claims that don’t really matter was my main pet peeve as a smoker that I will not miss. Haha

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    1. Wow! great story and wholly mackerel, you did all the answers and extra credit. LOL! You certainly had me LOL at this last paragraph… OMG! Funny stuff.
      Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to use an excerpt from this for my next entry, and invite others to read your response too.
      Thank you, so very much for participating in the following questions. I greatly appreciate your story. xxxooo 🙂

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  4. Oh to sum up my smoking experience if you want to share my story and I have a couple things you may find helpful to share is…

    My story: Smoked since I was 15 (smoking for 15 years), for most of that I smoked almost a pack a day, the last couple years I cut back to 3-5 smokes a day. Now looking into nicotine vaping to as a quitting alternative.

    Another story if you want to share is my grandpa who passed away when I was a young child (I think 10 or younger) chain smoked almost 4 packs a day. He did quit in his later years. At the age of 69 he was to go in for a very serious heart surgery, and complications caused him to not come out of it. Our family had to make the choice to pull the plug. Though he quit, all those years of smoking that much helped lead to the cause of heart failure.

    To inspire your readers maybe and if you want I can look up information, youtube reviews etc on vapes as another alternative/quit aid. With nicotine vape you can lower the nicotine level at your own pace, or recommended from someone else etc. It is probably a good alternatie for people who are not entirely ready to quit smoking too. Because with vaping, you are at least not frying your lungs as it is not hot, you are not smoking tar or any of the other nasty chemicals in cigarettes. Though vaping is still said not to be the healthiest or best, I think I’d rather it over smoking tar and frying my lungs from cigarettes. For some reason though I have read articles that vaping is not recommended to quit smoking. I’d personally like to read more into it, and find out why. Because I think it can be at least healthier than smoking cigarettes. Even nicotine substances are bad for you, the idea of a quit aid is it is temporary to help you quit at a slower rate so your body doesn’t go into complete shock from withdrawal. The idea is to eventually get off your quit aid as well. But I thought it could be worth mentioning for those on the mid decision of quitting etc. I plan to use it to help me quit, but I do plan to vape for the rest of my life. So I don’t get the hype against it?

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      1. Glad to hear it. I am hoping to get into vaping and just quit that way. I hope though to only vape for a minimum amount of time and I want to be off all nicotine substances as soon as my body doesn’t freak out without it. Haha Like ASAP. And at least like I said it is a little better than smoking cigarettes.

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        1. As I explained to Bipolar Brat, I first started using a vape unit called the “Nugget”, and a vaping product called “Naked”- You have to specify to the store if you are a menthol smoker or regular. Then start of on a 9 or 6 depending on how much you smoke now. I just recently kicked it down to a 6 for less nicotine. I’m surviving. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

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          1. I have heard of the “Naked” brand it is one of the better quality products sold here. My hubby works currently for a smoker’s depot, so he is learning a lot about it all. Also he will get a discount on the vape etc. Bonus! I am going to go in and ask about what is suggested etc. Though my husband doesn’t smoke cigarettes, never has really (He said he use to smoke the odd one at parties and then one day driving he threw a half pack of smokes out the window and said how stupid this habit is and wondered why people smoked” lol but other employees at his store smoke and they can help me out I am sure about vaping. SOmething else that I have going for me is no one in my house right now besides me smokes. So quitting will be a lot easier I think. No temptation when it is not around. When I lived with my parents and they both smoke. I would try and quit, but the slightest craving it was easy as walk to the side door and grab a smoke. Though not an excuse and it does take will power. if I quit here, when cravings hit they will be gone by the time I go to the store and actually buy smokes. lol. So I have to think of it that way, if it is not in sight hopefully it can help my will power.

            I am glad you switched to vaping and it’s better for you.

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            1. That’s awesome if your husband gets a discount on Naked. It is such a fantastic product. I have tried quite a few, but their Unicorn & Very Berry are my fav’s. Next month, I plan on testing another one out to see if I like that too. 🙂
              Great thing that you have no smokers in your home. It certainly makes it that much easier to quit. Good Luck with it. You’ll have to let me know how it wors out for you. 🙂

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