~ Dream A Little Dream ~

This is so pretty. Love the yellow roses along the fence.


That peaceful place in my dreams

Love’s rose was full in bloom,

soft green grass under my feet.

Insecurity’s cloud came and took its light away,

cascading the rains of doubt and washed all its colors out.

The roses dead, stem brittle and brown

weeping my soft pillow down.

Dreams that once were full of hope

sit silently in the darkness, blinded by fear.

The alarm shakes the suffocation away

keeping solemn thoughts at bay.

 I reach and peel back the curtains,

envision the soft colors of rainbows neverending 

rays that touch the field, as dark clouds sway in the distance.

Flowers in all the glory, colorful blooms all around,

Love’s roses all in yellow

Are that of a peaceful dreams reality.

My heart full of hope once again.



[Picture provided by Pinterest]




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